What is Dext Prepare?

Easy Expense Management

Sleep easy knowing you’re constantly on top of all your business admin and finances. Forget messy expense management and missing documents by digitising and storing your receipts and bills, all in one place.
Save time and improve the accuracy of your records with Dext’s expense & invoice management software.
Create and approve expense reports easily, or set up roles within Dext so you can delegate to your staff.
Set rules to automatically categorise regular expenses as they come in.

How does Dext Prepare work?

Dext Prepare is a pre-accounting software used to manage the receipts, invoices and other documents that businesses depend on to keep accurate, secure financial records. Dext provides business owners with an up to date, real-time view of their business spending. That includes receipts, invoices, bank statements and other financial documents.

Dext’s automation accurately extracts data from supplier invoices, expenses, bank statements, sales invoices and digital sales. All captured, coded and sent to the accounting products you use.



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