Yesterday, we helped set up another business to use QuickBooks Online…..

This time it was a farming business who were eager to be compliant for Making Tax Digital before the regulations are enforced.

Our client was really impressed with how much time QuickBooks could save them on their bookkeeping each month. Previously, they used to create their sales invoices in Word and save them to their computer. Finally, they would then have to attach the invoice to an email which was sent to their customers each month.

Now using QuickBooks, we set up for our client recurring invoice templates on each of their customers. Going forward, each month the invoices will be created and sent out by Quickbooks automatically by email – without my client even having to be at her desk!

There are so many features that QuickBooks have to offer. These include debt chasing automatically by sending out invoice reminders. In addition to these features there is an amazing App too! Here you can keep receipts digitally, track your mileage, see profit and loss of your business and many more.

Interested in how much time Quickbooks could save you on your bookkeeping?

Contact us and we will be happy to go through all the services QuickBooks have to offer…….

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